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Abby Wambach Caught Mia Hamm

This is going to be short because I’m not sure if I can put what happened into words. What we saw tonight was a team that was determined, connected, together, and proud that their leader made history. When the USWNT players ran out onto the field and jumped on top of Abby Wambach, you couldn’t help but smile. For the past few games, they played every single ball to Abby, they wanted her to score; they wanted her to break the record. She did, and she did in style.

At the end of the game, she was quick to put all the credit on the team. Abby is so humble and sometimes I’m sure we all wish that she would credit herself once in a while. That’s probably not going to happen, but those 160 goals weren’t solely because she was in the right place at the right time. She had to work for every single one of them. When asked what she needs to work on in the future, she said one thing, “I want to assist Alex more, so she can break my record.” Looks like she’s not basking in the glory for too long, but it was fantastic while it lasted. 160 goals in 207 games, she has now surpassed her once mentor, Mia Hamm. Two classy, incredible legends, two different players, one quality that will forever be the same: leadership.

Abby is more vocal, she’s dominant in the air; Mia was quieter, with speed on the ground. Together, they formed a tandem that any player would fear. When Mia Hamm was asked to comment on this historic night, she said, “I’m just glad I got to share 158 with her. It was short, but it was fun.”

While Abby may not want the center of attention on her, it will be on her for the near future. She broke the world record; she holds the most international goals in men or women’s soccer. June 20, 2013 was a night to remember, a night where one legend passed another.

 Congratulations, Abby Wambach on this historic feat.