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The USWNT Opens 2013 with an ImPRESSive Start

Christen Press ate her Wheaties this morning. Chances are we’ll be hearing Press puns until she decides retire. I mean, scoring two goals in your first international cap and being the Woman of the Match is nothing short of amazing, so I’m sure she’ll be expecting it to the point where she will eventually roll her eyes because it’s the 700th time she’s heard it in one day. But, I think her future is incredibly bright, brighter than bright, her future is basically as brighter than a quasar, which if you’re wondering, is the brightest thing that exists in our universe. According to astronomers, it can barbeque a chicken 3,000 light years away. So yeah, her future is brighter than that.

She had two spectacular goals today, one a half volley, and one Abby Wambach style; I don’t need to elaborate on that do I? We all know what Abby Wambach style is by now. Imagine being an opposing team. You have Alex Morgan (hoping she is okay), Abby Wambach, and Christen Press all on the field at the same time. You have to pay attention to the speed of Alex, the aerial dominance of Abby, and now Christen Press. I’d be afraid. The task of defending them takes a starting 11 in itself.

Three players got their first cap today. Julie Johnston, Kristie Mewis, and Christen Press. We also saw Yael Averbuch and learned her shot can break the sound barrier. I felt the crossbar shake all the way from the Midwest. Even though the goalpost is as an inanimate object, it still hurt. Yael made her impact on the field assisting Sydney Leroux’s goal. That’s now 15 goals for her in 28 matches, all in the second half, mind you.

Maybe the most inspiring story of the night was Ali Krieger playing her first 90 minutes since her devastating injury one year ago. She was great this game, tactically she strung together many passes, got up and down the flanks, and it was nice to see her back on the field where hopefully she’ll be for a long time.

The USWNT faces Scotland again on Wednesday. Each team has had a full game to figure out each other’s playing style, so I’m betting the dynamic will be a little different. Unfortunately Alex Morgan’s status is currently unknown, so we’ll see what happens. If she’s okay, she’ll probably play up top with Abby, Christen and if not, Cheney, Abby, and Christen might start together instead. Fingers crossed she’s okay though.

Today was a dawning of a new era. There are new faces and returning faces on the team. I’m sure we’re all looking forwards to the future with the team continuing to impress us (okay, I’m done with the puns). I don’t think there is any way to describe this new journey other than, together.  Together, we are stronger. Go USA