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What is Success?

Maybe we aren’t all on this planet to do something big, to become famous, and to make ourselves known to the world. Gandhi once said, “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I guess there are those dreamers who won’t take no for an answer. And maybe that’s what I am, a dreamer. I hold this strong belief in myself that whatever I want to do in life, I can. Cliché, yes, impossible, well of course not. You see, success isn’t measure by the amount of money you have. It can’t be measured in shoes or cars or jewelry. Success could be whatever you find joyful in life. Be it an amazing family or an amazing job. Success is what you define it as. And maybe I already lead a successful life, maybe we all do.

We all have desires, dreams, what we want to accomplish with the life we have. Nobody can tell me that they’ve never just sat back and dreamed about what they want to do in this world. But it takes a certain amount of courage and brains actually chase them. We fear being rejected, we fear hearing no, we fear being judged. But maybe success is defined when your fears go away, when you can step out of your comfort zone, for a minute, even for a couple seconds, just to see what it’s like on the other side. I don’t know, maybe success is just acknowledging those dreams you have and realizing they’re not all that impossible to achieve.

So I sit here writing this at midnight, wondering what I define as success. Is it the life I have right now or the dreams I want to chase? Well, whatever I do in life, while it might be insignificant, I have to do it. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I accomplished it. And maybe that’s what success is. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or greatest dream ever; it just has to be my dream.


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